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    ITIL stands for Information Technology and Infrastructure Library. ITIL provides a consolidated amount of knowledge about information & technology. ITIL focuses on various types of management involving finance, capacity, strategy, demand, service, planning, support, service, knowledge, technical issues etc. By having an ITIL expert certificate a candidate can perform IT services and management in the most efficient and trustworthy way.

    To attain this goal ITIL provides a comprehensive set of exams and practices in order to get qualified.


    Additionally, ITIL can provide you ample business efficiency, improved IT values and goals, solve technical issues in a simple way, increase productivity, cybersecurity and customer satisfaction etc.


    ITIL provides information technology management practices which concentrate on various modules including strategy, design, transition, operation and service improvement.

    Accreditation body

    Like any other certification course, one cannot just jump inside some training course and get a certificate by passing an examination.


    The ITIL Expert certification shall be offered only by some accredited bodies which include EXIN, BCS, CSME, Dansk IT, Peoplecert, Loyalist services etc. Some of these bodies provide only the course and some provide both the course and the accreditation.


    Getting an ITIL certificate requires an individual to undergo a series of stages with various degrees of knowledge and complexity.


    In order to have an ITIL Expert certification course, a candidate should have 17 credits acquired from the ITIL Foundation level and ITIL intermediate level modules.


    A candidate shall also possess some other complementary certificates also which pertains to the ITIL modules. Finally, a candidate should pass the Managing Across Life Cycle (MALC) module. Passing in this module shall provide you with 5 credits.


    As a whole, you should have 22 credits obtained from various levels of the ITIL modules to take your ITIL Expert certification course. This is because an expert in the IT management services should be well versed in the basic and the intermediate functions of any business's IT infrastructure.

    Credit-based certification

    The entire ITIL module works on the credit basis in which the credits are awarded on qualifying examinations of various levels.


    Bloom taxonomy is a hierarchy which classifies the learning objectives of various education levels.


    Each ITIL module corresponds to the objective of this bloom taxonomy to bring out the best results. The foundation level ITIL module awards 2 credits to the candidate which corresponds to the bloom taxonomy of level 1 and 2.


    Consequently, the intermediate module corresponds to the bloom level of 3 and 4 and it has two streams; the life cycle stream and the capability stream. The life cycle stream shall provide 3 credits and the capability stream has 4 credits. At the same time, life cycle stream consists of 5 papers and the capability stream consists of 4 papers.


    Finally, the MALC examination shall provide you 5 credits. As a whole, a candidate should possess 20 credits by qualifying all the corresponding examinations.


    The main objective of the MALC examination is to make the candidate integrate their IT knowledge within the real world.


    The examination usually comprises of 50 questions and is conducted for 120 minutes. There are 10 questions for each paper and the candidate is supposed to score 35 marks out of 50 (i.e. 70%) to get his ITIL Expert certificate. Additionally, the questions shall be available to you in a book which is in the objective type format.


    Once a candidate has acquired this ITIL Expert certificate the holder of this certificate shall perform various organizational actions that require you to interact with financial administrators, operations managers, managing directors, network security advisor's, database management programmers as well as your team members etc.


    The pay scale for the holder shall be exorbitantly high when compared to the holder of any other technical and administration certificate.


    As a whole, ITIL Expert certification shall provide you the crown in the management of technology and administration.


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